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Starting a new business? Making a transition? Let Apex help you achieve your goals.


Apex is a team of professionals who focus on the client to assist them to achieve their business goals by providing financials and assisting with HR, Payroll and Benefits.

When running a business we find out that there are many little things we didn't know about that have to be attended too; from establishing what kind of business entity to formulate and what are the benefits or downfalls for each type and how that affects your day to day operations to what payroll options exist. We here at Apex can help you navigate these decisions that are the best fit for your business model.

We specialize in small businesses and provide monthly financials and consulting to help you make your operational decisions to bring your business achieve its goals.

We pride ourselves for being flexible for our clients  and working with their vendors.

We look forward to meeting you and assisting you with your bookkeeping needs.

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